AirWire Player installation guide for
Samsung Smart TV

This guide is suitable for TVs released in 2014.
If you need installation instruction for TV that has been released before 2014 check this link
  1. Configuring the TV:
    • Set up the network.
    • Login to User App and Install an application.
    • Running and Testing an Application.
  2. Setting up the Network:
    • Connect the TV by Ethernet cable to an IP network that has access to the web server where the packaged application is stored.
    • In the TV Settings menu, select Network, and enter Network Setup.
    • Choose either automatic configuration (for DHCP) or manual configuration (for fixed IP address).
    • For manual configuration, enter IP address, subnet mask, and gateway and DNS servers.
    • To see that the network is functioning correctly, select Network Test. If the test fails, contact your network administrator. If the test succeeds, the TV is correctly connected to the network.
    • Press the Return key to go back to the menu.
  3. Login to User App and Install an application
    • Ensure that the TV country is set to a location where Samsung applications on Samsung SMART TV are used.
    • Press Menu button on the remote control
    • Enter Smart Features.
    • Enter Samsung Account.
    • To activate the User Application feature, enter Log In.
    • Login with “develop” ID (password leave blank).
    • If you are using a 2013 Samsung Smart TV, you do not need to create an account(the “develop” account has been created in advance).
  4. Download App from remote server
    • Enter the Apps panel.
    • Long press the Enter button on remote control to any application. And enter the IP Setting.
    • In the boxes, enter the IP address
    • Long press the Enter button on remote control to any application again and enter the Start App Sync.
    • The TV indicates that it is installing a new service, and displays the name of your application.
    • AirWire player should be added to your Smart Hub.