Privacy Policy

Access to cloud services

AirWire allows you to optionally access media content stored in cloud services. At this time, it includes Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk,

Common rules
  • Cloud services cannot be accessed without your prior authorization which must be granted for each service, following a procedure clearly stated in setup dialogs.
  • As part of a cloud service authorization, AirWire is given a temporary token to access it. It doesn't know your credentials (login/password).
  • AirWire only access cloud data related to its operation: browsing and streaming media managed by these services.
  • AirWire makes as few API calls to cloud services as possible to minimize data usage and not cause unnecessary load on cloud services.
  • for efficiency, AirWire may cache some data on your SD Card (thumbnails, media metadata).
  • cloud services are accessed securely through https.
  • AirWire cannot access cloud storage services until you grant access for each service.
  • AirWire allows you to browse all folders of your cloud storage. AirWire only lists media files (audio/video/media) for which it will access basic metadata (filename, size, ...). When streaming, AirWire access the media files stored on the cloud service provider servers.
  • You can at any time revoke access to any cloud service.


AirWire collects information about user behavior and renderer devices usage. These data may contains following information:
  • details of your mobile device hardware: manufactuer, model, etc.
  • details of your mobile device configuration: version, build, display configuration, etc.
  • details of AirWire build configuration.
  • details of your renderer devices: manufacturer, model name, model number.

AirWire does not collect any personal data. AirWire does not transmit any data to third parties.